Australian economy taking hits for eurozone debt defaults

Australian economy taking hits for eurozone debt defaults

Faced with mounting international pressure, European leaders agree to tackle a lack of resolve over Greece’s debt. But they also face internal conflicts over how to push ahead.

European leaders are still pushing Athens to find a way to stay within the euro, while the euro zone’s other major economies have warned that such a break would be politically fatal.

Image copyright EPA Image caption An emergency meeting was convened on Thursday evening in Brussels to try to resolve the crisis over Greece’s debt

Mr Tsipras, in power since December, is threatening to pull Greece out of the euro if Greece does not get a further bailout.

In the latest move, eurozone finance ministers agreed to hold an emergency meeting in Brussels to try to resolve a crisis that has rocked the eurozone in recent weeks.

An earlier meeting, called by Italian finance minister Pier Carlo Padoan, turned unproductive, and the meeting was held late on Thursday.

This time, the leaders did not agree what form of bailout would be agreed. They decided instead on some form of loan extension until 2030, after some political talks.

The Greek leader is also resistnatyasastra.coming any further cuts in pensions or pay for state employees during the financial crisis that has hit pensions and public services in his country.

But Mr Tsipras also rejected a move by Italian and Greek prime우리카지노 minister Silvio Berlusconi to launch a general election in his country, and insisted that all government funds, whetnatyasastra.comher directly or through the IMF, should go to the Greek people.

„It is unacceptable that these funds can be spent by these groups, that they cannot work,” said the president.