Fair work commission investigating textile union branch

Fair work commission investigating textile union branch


A small-scale independent trade union has demanded a national inquiry into the workings of the textile union branch in Australia’s biggest textile trading hub, despite the commission launching an investigation into a similar branch in New Zealand.

The Australian Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) says the branches operate at the urging of two foreign companies involved in the global textile manufacturing industry, who operate in a similar manner to the Australian branch.

The Australian branch received a report in August in relation to allegations by two former staff that members of the branch had allegedly colluded in ordering the destruction of textile production equipment, documents reveal.

At the time the Labor leader, Bill Shorten, accused the government of trying to „silence a political rival’s claim”, despite its involvement in the Australian branch.

But independent trade union Unison says the report dojarvees.comesn’t even go into details or the facts of its own investigations.

„While the governme더킹카지노nt is continuing to press their case and use it as a weapon in the media against unions, the DIR has not been able to produce a single page on this matter,” spokesman Mike Taylor told Lateline.

Unison has launched a number of investigations into the Australian and New Zealand branches over the past decade, and says its current inquiries and ongoing complaints on the matter are not being investigated.

Mr Shorten has been told by Labor’s chief whip, Bill Heffernan, that a spokesman for the department would be involved in a review of the in바카라사이트vestigation by an independent body within 24 hours.

„The department was surprised and disappointed by what happened in New Zealand and they’ve been working very hard to deal with their own business operations in Australia,” he said.

Labor trade spokeswoman Catherine King has accused the New Zealand government of a „misdirected policy of political retaliation against the Australian branch”.

She is also calling for the DIR to release all its financial records to a federal court so that the organisation could provide its own independent oversight.

„Doubts have been expressed about the integrity of the Australian branch in relation to that of the New Zealand branch and also a number of the allegations related to the Australian branch,” she said.

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